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Uppdated 2009-07-17

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  Kernave - the first castle
Vilnius - the churches

Lithuania as
holiday spot

Lithuanian flags before the Presidential Palace in Vilnius

The hill of Crosses
the Churches

Trakai - the second castle

The big cities

Symbolics, history,
prominent people

The Hill of Crosses
Kaunas - the monuments

A never-ending
line of sights

Misc. usefulness

Desecrated churches
This article is a tourist brochure for Lithuania, a green and beautiful country, much like southern Sweden. A Swede would feel at home right away. The people and the cities are slowly rising from the remains of

Only 200 kilometres from Sweden, an hourís flying time, is a country too few know about, and fewer still have visited. Do it now! Here!

Soviet repression, and the country may in a very short time achieve the same standard as the rest of Europe. There are many fine and tragic monuments, and the capital Vilnius is comparable to many of the culture cities of Europe.
Along the coast - Palanga

Youíre heading into a web story comprising more than 1350 images from most parts of Lithuania. The larger cities are represented, along with little cosy places in the countryside, the resorts along the coast, as well as the culture and everyday life. Most images are taken with the digital camera Nikon Coolpix 950, and a lot of them with the Sony F-828, but some of the early ones are made with Canon AE-1 and then scanned from negatives. The index has links to satellite imagery of most objects.

Cities, Places and Monuments
Vilnius - the capital, Kaunas - the second city, Utena ( Krokule, Vyzuonos, Uzpaliai), The Hill of Crosses , desecrated churches and other monuments, History
Country Districts
Along the Coast ( Sventoji, Palanga, Kretinga, Klaipeda, Neringa), Panemune (Vilkija, Veliuona, Seredzius, Raudone, Panemune), In the Countryside (Aukstatija National Park, Paluse, Stripeikiai, Zemaitija, Orvydasí Sculpture Park, Salantaiís Cathedral, Ignalina, Visaginas, nuclear power plant)
Culture, Everyday life (food, market places, roadside restaurants, the new Lithuania) Articles, poetry, Map, Index - satellite images, Useful phrases

The symbols

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