My works in other's hands

As years have gone by, my texts and pictures have proliferated, mostly via the Internet. Here are a few examples of products I haven't made myself, or only part of, that contain my works.

“Ignazio et l'arte dei Gesuiti” from Jaca Book

Ignazio e l'arte del Gesuiti, Italian magnificent work with my pictures in The Italian publisher Jaca Book published a very impressive and magnificent work during the autumn 2003, about Jesuit churches of the world. They had encountered problems finding good pictures of Lithuanian churches, and my pictures from 2002 and earlier came in handy. They selected three of them: two from St. Casimir's Church and one from the St. Johnses Church, i.e. the University Church in Vilnius.

”Ignazio e l'arte del Gesuiti”, Jaca Book, Italy 2003, ISBN 88-16-60293-7

CD Blow-up in the Swedish “PC för alla” Magazine

Swedish PC för alla, number 4, May 2003 I was interviewed about my CD-blow-up-experiments by the Swedish “PC för alla” magazine, and the article was printed in number 4 in May 2003. They test what CDs can stand in general, and how they can be repaired and polished. The article is un-scientific. For example, they state that CDs cannot be run in the microwave oven, which didn't come as a surprise to anyone.
Swedish PC tips for everone, winter 2003-2004 During the winter of 2003-2004 they were at it again, in a special book called “PC tips for everyone” (PC-tips för alla), mentioning my research on CD-blow-up.

CD Blow-up in the Australian “PC User”

Australian PC User, March 2003 After some mail conversation with the Australian PC magazine ”PC User“ a summary of my CD blow-up article was published in March 2003, as part of a larger article about how to burn CD's. Although they didn't seem to like my suggestion that computer users should always wear gloves and protective glasses...

CD Blow-up in the Dutch “Computer Idee Magazine”

Coputer Idee 16/2002 One day by the end of June 2002 a letter from Dick van de Shraaf, editor of the Dutch computer magazine “Computer Idee” appeared in my inbox. He asked if he could use my pictures and my text about blowing up CDs in an article. Of course he could. It's nice to find that the world is so interested in my humble experiments. The result was published in Computer Idee 16/2002 bearing the title “De scherven vlogen door de kamer” (Shrapnel flew through the room).

“Gothic Changes” from Leo förlag

Gothic Changes - book spread Leo förlag, a small book publisher in Stockholm wanted to use one of my pictures from St. Peter's Church (on my personal website) in a book. I couldn't resist this very nice letter.
Dear Jörgen
I am an author having a small publishing company called Leo förlag. Within a few weeks I will. in co-operation with a Danish colleague, Kenneth Geneser, publish a book called "Gotiska förvandlingar" (Gothic Changes), covering, among other things, the Gothic Migration...As I was searching for suitable pictures of baroque architecture - an interior if possible - on the net, I stumbled upon your website containing some fantastic photographs of St. Peter's Church in Rome. My question is now if you would allow me to use one of those photographs to illustrate the book? The picture that would suit our aims is the is one of those catching the rays of light in the church, with Bernini's baldachin in the background. I am looking very much forward to be hearing from you on the subject matter, and once more I would like to congratulate you on the very fine and tasteful series of pictures.
With Warm Regards
Lars Holger Holm, Leo Förlag

“Gotiska Förvandlingar”, Leo Förlag, ISBN 91-973661-7-X

Brochure from APeL - Research and Development in Workplace Education

As APeL (old Swedish word for apple), an organisation researching around education at the workplace, were planning a brochure about their operations, they were searching the Internet for apple blossoms. They found my apple blossom in the general gallery (on my private home page), printed it in their brochure and put it on their web page, too.

CD with the Sångkraft Chamber Choir from Umeå, Sweden

CD 'Sakralt' (Sacred Songs)Heiligen-Geist Hospital The Sångkraft Chamber Choir in Umeå made a CD in the year 2000, containing 15 sacred works, and the designer found my picture of a rosetta window from the Heligen-Geist Hospital in Luebeck in my gallery page. He wanted it, and after some consultation it was turned into a nice CD-cover. The round shape of the picture fitted nicely for the screen-print on the CD itself.

“Sakralt” Kammarkören Sångkraft, private publishing, OMEA CD005.

Symbol Technologies Newsletter “Streckläsning”

Symbol Technologies' 'Streckläsning' The advertising agency of Symbol Technologies bought three pictures I made of the technology behind the Scandinavian Masters 2000 golf tournament for publishing in their newsletter Streckläsning 2/2000. It was all about the technical aspects of a larger golf tournament and how wireless terminals were used for scoring. The data was processed to become result screens for the TV coverage.

Ralph Lundsten's Fan Club Publishing the “AFS-bulletinen”

AFS-bulletinen, the bulletin Because I have worked a lot for Ralph Lundsten, our Swedish synth-giant, it was inevitable that some of my pictures, both of Ralph himself and of music and technology in general, got into the fan club magazine AFS-bulletinen. The AFS bulletin is published by AFS, the Andromeda Fan Society, for members from Australia, over Israel, Europe, and all the way to California.

Nice Pictures

On top of this I have sold copies of several pictures from the general gallery (on my private home page) to various art clubs.

Pictures and text are covered by copyright.

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