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Photography is one of my interests, and over the years I have made a few shots worth publishing. I have managed to sell off a few of them to art clubs at several companies. I mount and frame the pictures myself.

The JPEG files sent to you over the Internet does in no way do the pictures justice, but you can get some idea of my photographic art by clicking on one of the thumbnails below. The pictures have not been manipulated with photo retouch software, other than to make the electronic image look like the photographic original as much as possible.

The pictures should optimally be viewed on a large screen, preferably with 1024x768 resolution or better, in Truecolor or with 16 million colours. If you darken the light in the room, the contrasts will appear better. Copies of these pictures are for sale, and can be sold in mounted and framed form. Sizes and prices are negotiable.


Gallery - Sweden1Somewhere in Sweden. Evening picture shot at 1/1000:th of a second through the window of a speeding train. I was lucky there was no pole in the middle of the picture, as is usually the case.

Gallery - Sweden 2Somewhere in Sweden II. Evening picture shot at 1/1000:th of a second through the same window as above, although somewhat later. Traveling home from holiday in Luebeck, Germany. The picture contains some small details, which you will discover after some time. Here is one.

Gallery - motorwayThe result of driving 500 metres on the motor way with the shutter open. Someone overtaking us can be seen in red at the bottom of the picture.

Gallery - train through switchIf you stand in the last car of a train, passing over a switch in the middle of the night, and keep your shutter open for 10 seconds, it looks like this. The gaps in the rail joints can be seen as jumps in the tracks of light.

Gallery - Atop the coudsDown there below the clouds is Norway, I believe. The scratched jetliner window provided this interesting light effect. The picture is shot only seconds after the airplane rose out of the cloud cover.

Gallery - York City wallThe ring wall around the City of York in northern England. The wall is not preserved in its entirety, but it is possible to walk along it long stretches.

Gallery - City of DurhamMisty view from a bridge in the City of Durham in northern England. In the background is the silhouette of the Durham Cathedral.


Still Life

Gallery - Beer Still LifeBeer Still Life from Luebeck in Germany.

Gallery - Beer Still Life Beer Still Life from Centimeter Restaurant in Vienna. A one-second exposure.

Gallery - Wine TastingThere is much beautiful to see in the wine restaurants in Grinzing in Vienna. White wine and radishes is not such a bad combination. Gallery - After the Wine TastingAfter the wine tasting. The same restaurant had an excellent wine cellar, where the tasting continued.
Gallery - Coffee Still LifeOne of my best coffee still life pictures. This picture is taken at the head office of Schwartzkopf in Vienna. Hence the marking inside the cup. Gallery - Café TableCafé Still Life with chocolate balls and Vienna Melange Coffee. It looks so good I could lick the CRT.
Gallery - Pieces of Cake Vienna has many cafés with their pastries on parade. Gallery - Pieces of Chocolate CakeThis could be an advertisement for the Aida Café, but it isn't. I just became so hungry when I saw this line-up of chocolate cake.
Gallery - Wiener SchnitzelOf course you get the biggest wiener schnitzels in Vienna. This one was so big, the plate wasn't big enough. The accessories are few, as is the custom. A simple lemon and a bowl of potato salad. Gallery - SuhsiSushi is fast invading Europe. Note that the pickled ginger is rose-coloured in Austria.
Prawn SandwichThe prawn sandwich has become the King of Sandwiches in the Nordic countries. I think this picture captures the very soul of the prawn sandwich, with its intensively yellow eggs, glowing prawns, shiny gherkins and gleaming, black caviar. All the colours are in there! Gallery - AntennaMy 144 MHz 7-element cross-yagi that had got kissed by a storm and was pointing 45 degrees upward, which by sheer luck, enabled satellite communication.
Science Museum in StockholmThe Science Museum in Stockholm, after closing hours. A picture with everything from pennyfarthings to jet engines. The lighting is soft, but nevertheless interesting.  


Gallery - frosty plantsFrozen rose bushes. Interesting frost effect in wild rose bushes. From Södertälje, Sweden.

Gallery - grass strawGrass. One of my first trials with a not too good 35-105 mm Soligor zoom lens with internal reflections. It turned out well anyway.

Gallery - giant buttercup Buttercups. And what more? Some clover. Who can resist meadow flowers, when you have some close up lenses attached? Just throw yourself down in the vegetation.

Gallery - shiny flowersA flower pot which happened to be standing in a good spot in the sun. I couldn't resist putting the close up lenses on.

Gallery -  white bushAutumn bush. A shot straight down a bush that had lost all chlorophyll.

Gallery - plumsPlums. The sunbeams fell in a certain, soft way on the plums and I got my camera out fast.

Gallery - apple blossomsApple blossoms. The unsharp vignette is not created in Photoshop, instead it originates from a absolutely real, physical camera filter.

Gallery - shine-through cactusAn ordinary cactus, which by chance happened to be X-rayed by the sun in an interesting way. No, I do confess the picture is arranged. Otherwise I would never have had the completely black background.

Gallery - tree in LuebeckAn evening picture from Luebeck, Germany, when the sun just happened to set nicely behind a tree.

Gallery - read/blue color effectRosebud in a blue-red colour effect. The picture is made with a split blue-red filter and there have been no manipulations later in Photoshop.

DaffodilPlants are very good for macro photography. I'm not the first to observe that. This picture is arranged. The daffodil was in a vase and could be aimed nicely at the sun.  


Orange ButterflyThe butterflies in the Butterfly House in Hagaparken in Stockholm are big, and not afraid of people, which I made use of. This yellow one let me get as close as 2 cm.

Black ButterflyThere are special feeding points where the keepers spray sugary water, that the butterflies eat. Then, I attack them with my macro lens!

Wild beast (parrot)A wild bird of prey, with its intense eyes? No, but an intelligent, 15 cm parrot that tried to stop me getting a good picture. But finally I fooled it. The birds in the Butterfly House in Stockholm have been taken there because they've had a misrable life. They need friends badly, and hopefully their plumage will grow back. This little one had all its feathers intact, though.  


Gallery - Vienna StephansdomThe Stephansdom in Vienna, Austria. This picture is slightly grainy and has a collapsing perspective, but I think it looks majestic. And “graininess” was popular when this picture was made. The picture is taken on 1/30:th of a second with 1000 ASA film and my feet set steadily on the floor. Inhale and press the trigger! This picture looks its very best as a half meter wall enlargement.

Gallery - StonehengeTo say that the Stonehenge in England is majestic, is an understatement. Here, an extreme picture against the light, which tries to symbolise the presumed cosmic meaning of the monument.

Gallery - Church in YorkEngland is full of magnificent cathedrals. The City of York has several. Here is the inside of one, of which the name has escaped me. But it's nice.

Gallery, the Cathedral of FromeAnother of the magnificent cathedrals that England is full of. This time in Frome, near Bath.

Gallery, the tower of the Salisbury CathedralSalisbury Cathedral in England is very big and majestic. This is a morning picture of its tower. The sun is fairly low in the sky. There is also a panorama, among the Panoramas, made at the same time. Gallery, window in the Salisbury CathedralThe inside of the Salisbury Cathedral looks just as great as the outside. This is only one of the many stained glass windows. It is an enormously beautiful church.
Gallery, church window in LübeckGallery, church window in LübeckWindows from two different churches in Luebeck in Germany. The one to the left is intact since medieval times and shows Death up to some nasties. The one to the right is modern, but not bad anyway. Perhaps the original one was blown out during the war. Gallery, church window in LübeckAnother window from Luebeck. This window was almost all red, and made the church glow reddish inside. A very unusual and beautiful effect.
Gallery, organ in LübeckAn organ in a church in Luebeck. An unusually beautiful façade in silver and dark blue. Gallery - Lubeck Helig Geist hospitalA rosetta window from the Heligen-Geist Hospital in Luebeck. There just happened to be a ledge that I could stand on and get on level with the window. The picture is not restituted in any way. But being hospitalised in this hospital in the 17:th century is something I would recommend against.
The City Hall in BrusselsDetail from the City Hall in Brussels, an amazing feat of stone carving. Thousands upon thousands of figurines depicting all the guilds of the city. Compared to this, they don't build any nice houses anymore. A Portal in Prague, the Vitis CathedralThrough a portal in the presidential palace in Prague, you can see the Vitis Cathedral, a magnificent building.
Window in the Vitis Cathedral in PragueBecause Prague is in the middle of Bohemia, stained glass is one of their specialities. This window in the Vitis Cathedral was two floors in height and one of the most beautiful windows I've ever seen. Window in the Vitis Cathedral in PragueThe whole Vitis Cathedral is full of these breathtaking pieces of art in Bohemian glass. One just stands astounded and snaps frame after frame.


Neon lamp

A strange lamp I saw at an exhibition.

Cogwheels in Babbage's Differential Engine The summit of all mechanics: The summing wheels of Chales Babbage's Differential Engine at the Science Museum in London.


Let's get mystical for a moment. On the island of Långholmen in Stockholm, stood the Långholmen District Prison, a building left to deteriorate for many years after prison operations ceased. The building is now restored, and turned in to a luxury hotel for patrons without klaustrophobia, Långholmen Hotell & Konferens. The “prison” image has been retained. When the place was in ruins (1985) two friends and I crawled in through a hole in the cellar and made a unique series of pictures. The pictures are made with 50 ASA black-and-white film, and image editing afterwards has been kept to a minimum.

Långholmen Prison, main cell block

Längholmen Prison, towards windows Långholmen Prison, towards windows, dark exposure

Långholmen Prison, staircase

Långholmen Prison, mysticians

Overview of the main cell block with all the cells. The decay had gone far and the environment, mainly the flaked paint, made me extatic.

Another perspective of the main cell block in two exposures, both with their own virtues. Maybe it is an evil spirit from the prison years looming in the window?

The stairs up to the court room, a raod that the prisoners proably feared to tread.

Solitary confinement? No, but a prison wardrobe containing the two mysticians accomnpanying me, Dr. Nilson and Sister Beryl.


Gallery - Ilva SIlva in the shop. A friend of mine worked one summer in a museum shop at the open air museum Torekällberget in Södertälje, Sweden, selling candy. For those of you who are not familiar with the merchandise: The blue thing to the right is a sugar-loaf, and the packages above Ilva's head are brands of coffee that has been out of trade some 100 years.

Gallery - man in antennaLasse fixing my antenna rotator. I once had a very high radio tower, with attached, very large short wave antennae etc. Here a friend of mine sits atop, adjusting the rotator mechanism.

Galley - fatherMy father, thinking of something, one summer's morning when we had breakfast in the garden. Normally you should avoid getting sunbeams coming through foliage fall on people, but in this case it heightens the effect of the picture.

Mouse HologramHolograms are nothing new in themselves, but in this picture you can also see me, snapping away. Suddenly the picture has another dimension, another value.

Playing with Colours

Pavilion with stained glassI have always enjoyed playing with various camera filters. In Södertälje, Sweden, I found a small pavilion with stained glass windows. I was in luck and had the sun shining perfectly through one pane, and couldn't resist this picture. The filer was a star-8 filter having 45° gratings. A very common effect on television, for example. Foutain in redYou can make filters yourself, too. This picture was taken in Kungsträdgården Park, in Stockholm, through a filter made by cutting some red spotlight filer plastic. I had to make several exposures, before getting one with the right contrasts. Shooting against the light is difficult.
Heap of SandAlready as a kid I liked to hunt for colourful effects. Here, I borrowed my grandfather's camera, somewhere around 1965 and found little heap of sand with interesting collapse effects and evening sun.  Nothing here right now.
Fireworks, New Year's Night 2000New Year's Eve 2000 saw the biggest fireworks Stockholm had ever witnessed, and I was out with my digital camera and tripod. Despite being sprayed with champagne, I got some good pictures. Fireworks, New Year's Night 2000Exposure times were astonishingly short. This one, for example, is made at 1/60:th of a second.
Andromeda All-StarsNovember 19, 1999 “The Andromeda All-Stars” played music by Ralph Lundsten at the Museum of Music in Stockholm. Had I known the lighting would be so fun, I would have brought a tripod. Well, well, handheld camera in an almost dark room. Andromeda All-StarsThe “All-Stars” used all sorts of automatic spotlights that would move about and change colours, and added some smoke on top of that. Here, an intense synth scene.

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