Restoration of Printed Matter, Documents and Pictures


Do you have yellowed, damaged or otherwise aged documents in need of restoration or refreshing? If you want to re-publish them, I can help you to get them back in mint condition.


Old Gets New

Hackerbladet (The Hacker's Magazine), a historic magazine published at the former Stockholm Computer Centre QZ (Stockholms Datamaskincentral) was to be re-published to the Internet, after having been stored under less than perfect conditions for a decade.

The pages were discoloured by rubber cement and some loose, glued on parts were threatening to fall off. The ink from the back of old newspaper clippings that had been glued, had come through the paper and made the image or text unreadable.

Before and After

 Unrestored magazine    Restored magazine
The magazine, in the shape it was when I got it for restoration   After restoration it's back in mint condition, or even better

The pages were scanned and the dirt in the paper, the copier discoloration, fingerprints, aged glue etc. was removed in Photoshop. Coloured screens were removed and slanting clippings were straightened. The last discolourations were removed when the pages were desaturated into black and white (as they had been, originally). Finally, the images were sharpened. (Note: the quality of the enlargements is limited due to bandwidth restrictions.)

The customer got his pages back in TIFF format on a CD-ROM for archiving, and in Jpeg format with accompanying thumbnails, for publishing to the Internet.

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