Nobody seems to be able to make it on the Internet without a links page. Here's mine.

Book Publishers, Professional Groups etc.

SAFA (The Swedish Workgroup for Algorithm Research, Svenska Arbetsgruppen För Algoritmforskning) or The Swedish Hackademy is an illustrious group, of which I am a member. We mostly occupy ourselves with technical development and computers, and collect at regular meetings to have a bite of food and discuss the latest technological advancements. The website contains the history of SAFA, its projects and development, and also a computer oriented slang dictionary (hacker.swe).

Ralph Lundsten is perhaps the foremost electronic music composer in Sweden. Many Swedes may not recognise the name immediately, but in the rest of the world he is well respected and has often been awarded prizes. He has been playing electronic music longer than anyone else, and he has a very nice website. You can read about his book “Lustbarheter” (Lustifications) and about his fan club, The Andromeda Fan Society, having some thousand members all over the world.

Humour, Unique

Madonna Inn, a fantastic hotel in California, I just cannot refrain from showing you. All their rooms are unique and the whole interior decoration is... well, you have to see it.

Lennart Regebro is a friend of mine, who has been investigating the status of the hot dog in all the Nordic countries. You can read his dissertation here.

Astronomy Picture of the Day is a very nice service from NASA, when it's actually working! Myself, I use it as starting page for my web browser. In this way I can keep myself updated on the latest astronomical findings. There is a new page every day.

VIRAC - Ventspils International Radioastronomical Center is the radio astronomical departmet of the Latvian state. They took over two spy antennae from the Russians, as they withdrew from the Baltic states in the mid-nineties. These antennae are somethig really incredible, such as a 32-metre parabolic weighing in at 600 tons.

Lithuanian Links

These links point to pages with Science Fiction information in the Lithuanian language.

Dorado Raganos (The Witches of Dorado) is published by Audroné Vodzinskaité-Städje and is a Science Fiction & Fantasy-fanzine in Lithuanian, dealing mostly with Lithuanian SF authors. The website, presented in both Lithuanian and English, contains further links to other SF personalities with Lithuanian connections. Probably the best looking website about Lithuanian SF! This link takes you to the Lithuanian page, from which there is a link to the English pages.

Club Dorado is the first and greatest SF Club in Lithuania, situated in Vilnius. They arrange SF conventions every year, and their website contains information about upcoming conventions. There are English and Lithuanian pages.

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